martes, 29 de abril de 2014

The Called & Gifted Workshop

Discovering God’s Call for your Life and for the World

God is calling you to an unique purpose in life, a work of love that only you can do. Discern your spiritual gifts! Discern your call what is your vocation? Come and begin to discover this work! You have received gifts, through Baptism and Confirmation, for the ways God intends his love to reach others through you Come and discover these gifts!

The Called & Gifted Workshop is two-day live presentation, which will include Church teaching on the laity and lay apostleship, the nature of spiritual gifts and God’s call in your life and how to undertake the process of discernment.

The Workshop is Useful for:

  • Parents who want to help their children live their faith and recognize their gifts. 
  • People in transition: changing jobs, empty nesters, returning to the workplace, facing retirement.
  • New or returning Catholics who want to explore what it means t olive their faith as an adult.
  • Catholics discerning a call to religious life or ordination.
  • Parish staff and leaders who want to nurture and empower parishioners.

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