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"Peace be with you!"

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2nd Sunday of Easter 
April 27, 2014 
Jn 20:19-31 

Elusive! That's how peace is in the world. Humanity has always been at war from the dawn of history. There has always been conflict in the planet that leaves the innocent and the powerless scarred if not destroyed and wiped out. Today, full blown armed confrontation rages in many countries, resulting to horrendous suffering of many victims on any side. Nations are locked in a battle of will over territorial disputes, conflicting interests and the like. Accusations and counter-accusations threaten to escalate into warfare. Many are driven to proclaim the "truth" through military power and might. It is like saying, "If you don't agree with me, I have no room for you in my world. I shall smite you to obliteration!"

This Sunday's Gospel comes as a refreshing foil to overwhelming preference to violence to address disagreement and conflict. The Risen Jesus brings that elusive peace that the world cannot give. Peace came to be only through him who suffered the violence of humankind, gave of himself to annihilation and yet forgave all in all. Peace originates in his heart in the face of power that thrives through violence. It is peace that springs eternally from the heart that loves without boundaries... that loves even what opposes it. It is peace that flows from living his true identity as the Son, loved by the Father, even as he embraces the darkness of human existence to lead everyone into the light.

The peace that Jesus gives to whoever follows him enlarges human nature to escape the limitations of its darkness and threatened existence. By giving us his peace, we are invited to live our new identity in the living Christ as beloved sons and daughters of the same Father. Living that identity like Jesus, no disciple can be shaken by any threat from anyone, even if it were a threat to one's physical existence. Rather, the disciple shall be secure and happy as a person dwelling in the love of the Triune God, able to live as Jesus did, living his life for all.

There is no surprise, therefore, that after giving his peace, Jesus gave the disciples the Holy Spirit and sent them to the mission of forgiving to heal relationships at all levels of human interaction. After all, the peace that comes from living our truest selves is an opening to live and share that same identity to heal and renew our world groaning for liberation.


Come, Risen Jesus, dwell in us and with us. Move us to be true missionaries of forgiveness, boldly and happily sharing your gift of peace to all creation! Amen.


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