jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

Good Shepherd Sister participates in open discussion about Middle East emergency crisis

The ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Middle East was at center stage at an event in Rome this weekend and our Sr. Hanan Youssef was one of the keynote speakers.

The event, organized by Italian organizations FOCSIV and FNSI and held at the MAXXI museum, was a way to have an open and serious discussion about the current crisis and what can be done to help those in need.

Sr. Hanan spoke about the difficult situation in Lebanon and how the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd are assisting hundreds of local citizens and refugees with some of the most basic needs, including health care services.

In addition to Sr. Hanan, the other keynote speakers included Terry Dutto, of FOCISV, and Monsignor Paolo Bizzeti, Vicar Apostolic of Anatolia, as well as number of Italian journalists Luca Geronico, Amedeo Ricucci and Cristiano Tinazzi.

The event was also the place where FOCSIV launched its new sensibility/fundraising campaign 
- Humanity. Essere umani con gli esseri umani - for the Middle East. The Good Shepherd International Foundation will be directly participating in this campaign.

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