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Prayer of February 19th 2014

Offered by the Paris group of AACE

Sickness and pain can sometimes upset our lives or our near relations’. To encourage us to give up a little of our time, to support the sick, to be attentive to their needs a World Day of the Sick created in 1992 by Pope John Paul II, is celebrated every year on February 12th, Our Lady of Lourdes’s feast day. The nearness of this date and also of February 8th, Feast Day of Mary’s Immaculate Heart incited us to present you a prayer about these two themes.

Reading from the Lectionary number 24 last paragraph…

Reading from Isaiah 50, 4
Lord Jesus, you came to comfort those who are mourning, look at my friend, he is crying out his pain to you. Keep him on your heart, have mercy on him.
Allow me to draw compassionate words and gestures from your heart. Let peace rejoin him through me. Immerse me into your infinite love so that I can show him how his ordeal moves you. I believe that you always wish us well even when we are associated to your Cross: it is on the Cross that you revealed how much you love us.

Hail Mary…

Reading from Luke 2, 19

Hail Mary…

You have kept in your heart all the mysteries and wonders of your son Jesus, your Heart which beats like ours, which feels and loves.

Teach us how to say “YES” like you did
share us your love to love him,
your joy to rejoice in his glory,
your compassion in his sufferings.

Hail Mary…

Your heart is your memory .
when contemplating Jesus,
you looked for the meaning of all these events,
you relied on God with an unflinching faith.
Teach us Mary to do his will either during the days
of happiness or of sorrow;
help us to keep confidence
when facing the unexpected or even the
uncomprehending events.

Hail Mary…

In your heart grew the more and more eager wish to let
Jesus live in you,
to share his feelings, his love for his Father and for anyone he met.
Help us Mary to form Jesus in us,
to make him alive and to reign in us.
That He will be able to make us look like him.

Hail Mary…

Your heart is all welcome; it is the Holy Spirit’s shrine.
Help us to let us kindle by this Spirit of love to give, today, the Christ to the world.

From Saint Jean Eudes OC VIII p 429-431

A hymn to Mary (your choice)

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