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Province of Central East India Nepal

For the past 159 years the Province of India/Nepal had functioned as one Province. It is in 1996 that we initiated a process for restructuring and as a result of that pro-cess from 2001 onwards three Sectors came into being.
The Provincial Chapter of 2007 gave a mandate to the PLT to look into the possibility of forming two or three Provinces.

In 2010, a re-structuring committee was appointed and as a result of the process the two Provinc-es were formed. Sisters were involved in deciding the ge-ography of the Provinces and the option was given to each sister to choose the Province of her choice.
Each Province decided the name of their Unit, the place for the Provincialate, for-mation houses, infirmary and so on.
The name of our Province is Province of Central East In-dia/Nepal and the Provin-cialate is in Nagpur. Our Province consists of 14 com-munities in 6 states of India (Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Jhar-khand, Madhya Pradesh, Maha-rashtra, and Tamil Nadu) and also the community in Nepal.

We have 6 different languages in these areas where our sis-ters are working. We had our 1st Provincial Chapter from 19th to 23rd November 2013.
Sr. Sabina Pathrose was elect-ed Province Leader. Srs. Aruna George, Mariam Kulangara, Mercy George and Pushpa Lou-is were elected PLT Members.
On the 5th January 2014, the Provincialate of CIEN Province in Nagpur was inaugurated at a Holy Mass celebrated by the Archbishop Abraham Viruthakulangara of Nagpur Archdiocese and concelebrated by 25 priests.

That day the PLT officially took over the leadership of the new province. There are 90 sisters in our unit.

Province Leader of Central East India Nepal

Sister Sabina Pathrose 

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