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Together in Prayer


Together in Prayer will be a virtual prayer space. Thanks to the initiative of Fr. Michel Meneau, we will open this space within the CJM Portal to share the realities in our lives of community and evangelization. It will show the missionary face of our Congregation and invite us to pray for each local community.


Prayer: to build a spiritual environment around our apostolate, as a support to the services which we provide as Eudists. Promotional: to make known the distinct missionary realities of the CJM as a society of apostolic life. Evangelization: to discover the pastoral and missionary heritage of the Eudists in the face of the New Evangelization. Eudist: to create international fraternal ties among the Eudists who work in different apostolates.

a. First Step: Schedule of prayer.
A schedule will be developed to provide prayer for each local community in turn.
Each local community will choose the stye and timetable of prayer during this week.

January – February 2014.

b. Second Step: Community reports.
The next step, while prayer is being held for each community, will be to include reports from each local community, with the support of the Provincials.

b.1. Community reports

Formal characteristics:
A one page description of the community.
It will be written in the language of each community, and in a second language of choice.
Include photos of the apostolate, people, services, etc.
March – December 2014.

Process of implementation:
Monday or Tuesday: assemble the report with its various elements.
Wednesday: turn in report to the Bogota Webmaster
Thursday: publication to CJM portal, with an invitation to prayer sent to each local community.

c. Those responsible:
Provincials, local superiors and the CJM Commission for Communications.

d. Target audience:
incorporated, candidates, Eudist associates, friends and collaborators; parishes, major seminaries where Eudists offer their services, parish groups, ecclesial movements, laity within the Church, etc.

5. Steps in the process:

a. Organization: September – October 2013:
Creation of prayer schedule.
Design within CJM portal.

b. Promotion: November 2013:
Publicity to all local communities.

c. Launch:
February 2014 (prayer stage):
Begin with prayer for local communities.

April 2014 (reporting + prayer stage):
Continue prayer.
Sending of the reports.

d. Evaluation:
Along the way: every 3 months.
At the end of the process: November 2014.

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