martes, 14 de enero de 2014

Message to the Sisters of our Congregations

Rejoice! Today, 9th January 2014, we bring tidings of good news!

This morning the Congregational Leadership Team of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good
Shepherd met to discern the request from the Chapter of the Union of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity to reunite through merger. They reviewed the theological reflection outcomes in which 100% of the Units responded. From this response, 99.50% said “yes”. The comments included inspiring messages of welcome, joy, happiness, reconciliation, hope, gratitude, friendship, respect, sensitivity, compassion, communion, and mutual enrichment.

The process, in which OLC is now engaged, although not complete, shows that almost 97% have made the personal decision to accept the request of the General Chapter. The Good Shepherd CLT unanimously approved the merger! It was a joyous and emotional moment. In the afternoon, during a simple and beautiful ritual, the CLT celebrated their decision with the Central Team of the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity. Together we joyously gave thanks.

Tomorrow we will continue our meetings, work on next steps in the process, and be back in contact with you by the end of the month with more specific details.

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