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God's Call

Photo credit: saltandlighttv.org3rd Sunday in the Ordinary Time
January 26, 2014
Mt 4:12-23

In our gospel for today Jesus knew that he would be the next target after his forerunner John had been arrested. But he knew also that his mission needs to be fulfilled. He fled to Galilee that the plan of His Father may be fulfilled. There, he called the people to conversion and proclaimed the coming of God’s Kingdom. The prophecy of Isaiah which had been foretold more than seven centuries before Christ was born became a real message to the people of the lands of Zebulun and Naphtali for, indeed, they had seen a great light when the Lord started His ministry.

Jesus Christ wanted to spread the good news before his sojourn on earth ends. It seemed that he was in a hurry to accomplish His mission. He chose and called some disciples to follow Him. Peter and Andrew immediately followed him. And so did the sons of Zebedee, James and John. Perhaps they saw something in Jesus as he was walking along the shoreline of Galilee. A light that they had never seen before attracted them.

During our baptism we were also called by Jesus. The call was just as special and personal. He called us by our name. Like the way he invited Peter and other disciples he is inviting us also to “Come, follow me.” He shared with us his light to serve as our guide in our journey through life, especially when we are trudging in the darkness of failure, anxiety, disappointment, pain, worry, problem, difficulty and sin. There is no other light that could dispel all such kind of darkness but the light that comes from Jesus Christ himself. This radiant light is not only our guide towards God. This light that comes from Jesus enlightens every Christian who accepts him to heal the disease and illness of division brought by selfishness, jealousy, non-sense competition and crab mentality.

Truly, this light of Christ gives us authentic joy and freedom when we listen to the word he proclaims to usher us into his Kingdom. The light is freely given to us. Now it is an invitation for us Christians to participate in continuing the mission of Christ to proclaim the Gospel of his Kingdom and to share his light to others through the witnessing of his Word. 

- Sem. Mike Dupo

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