jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Knights of Columbus Super Bowl Party

Don't miss this Super Bowl Party! The winning coach of the first 2 Super Bowls was Vince Lombardi. In
recalling his accomplishments, the Knights are serving Italian food for take-out or eat-in at the best party atmosphere in town, our own parish hall, with two giant screens.

We will feature meatball sándwiches and/or spaghetti and meatballs with a side salad. In order to plan for purchasing we request that you place a reservation for take-out or eat-in with one of the knights outside the front of the church entrance after Mas son the weekends leading up to the Super Bowl, which is held on Feb. 2nd.

Proceeds will benefit the charitable works of our KofC Council (Catholic educaAon/ Scholarships/Military Outreach Ministry/Persons with Disability, etc.). If you would like to assist, contact Joe Bartel at 619 750-9330 or joejanbart@aol.com

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