miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

Bonne et heureuse année 2014 a tous les associé, es eudistes

((Happy New Year 2014 to the Eudist Associates))

A New Year has come to us and we are free to choose how to use it. Let us look at the texts of St. John Eudes in “The Kingdom of Jesus”.
Christmas brought to us the Child Jesus, simple and poor, a gift of love from God to our humanity. At the beginning of this year we choose to give Him everything. We want to live for Him and with Him in the service of the Church and of our brothers.

Let us follow St. John Eudes in his writings and prayers: At the beginning of each year we take a few minutes and put ourselves at the feet of Jesus as is our duty and make our offerings to Him.

O Jesus, I give myself to you to start this year as you began your life on earth, and to enter with you in your holy dispositions with which you made all things. Print them in my heart according to your great mercy.

O my Jesus, in union with your holy dispositions with which you have loved your Father, I give myself to you, I adore you, I love you and glorify you in all things as my God and Savior.
O my Jesus, I offer and consecrate to you every moment, hour and day of this New Year that every moment may belong to you.
O most loving Jesus, I love all the designs that you deign to have for me this year. I accept them in advance and give myself to your Holy Will.
O my Savior a year will come that will be the last of my life. Perhaps this very year is to be my last. If I knew with certainty that this was to be so, with what care and fervor I would spend it in your service! Whatever happens I want to consider this year as if it were the last and put it entirely at your service and love you with all my heart. Please grant me, O Good Jesus, all the graces that I need for this.
O Mother of Mercy, beg thy Divine Son to have mercy on me. Atone for my failings and please lead me to his loving Heart. Amen. (unofficial translation)

Presented by the Associates of the North American Province from Outaouais, Gatineau Québec in Canada.

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