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Remembering Blessings Received and Giving Thanks

It’s hard to believe it was a month ago, July 13, 2017, when the Eudists in the USA region of the Province of North America and the Philippines gathered for the long-awaited blessing of the presbyteral ordination of Eleuterio Mireles, cjm.

St Patrick in Carlsbad was ready to receive parishioners, family, and Eudists both associates and incorporated for this very special occasion. Fr Bill and Fr Juan had reached every ministry in the parish and the many groups responded with a joyful “yes” and had given their best organizing all the details of this great event and blessing within the parish; it was the second ordination taking place at Saint Patrick, so, the memories of the first one fueled the joy and dedication in the preparation of what was about to happen.

The immense choir formed by uniting the different music ministries of the parish had rehearsed with dedication and love to be part of this beautiful liturgy.

Monsignor Luc Crepy had come from France to be the presider of this ordination and by the imposition of his hands, he prayed for the Holy Spirit to take over and consecrate this brother of ours into the ministry of priesthood. All the Eudist confreres had come from Los Angeles and Phoenix to be present and were joined by many members of the local diocesan clergy.

The seminarians from the major Seminary of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (Eleuterio’s classmates), had come down to Carlsbad to unite themselves with great devotion and experience, to serve and guide the different moments of the liturgy of the ordination of a Priest.

It was the preparation of many as one body, which allowed the Holy Spirit to work all throughout the ceremony, and Monsignor Luc Crepy became an instrument of the Holy Spirit as he switched from English to Spanish in various moments of the ordination, this was a sign of the Pentecost life in our Carlsbad community who now was fervently praying for the consecration of Eleuterio as a minister of Christ.

Everyone sang from the heart, everyone prayed, everyone was moved, everyone was joyful in the Spirit; the Eudist associates, the sisters of the 11th hour, the parishioners who traveled from Saint John Eudes parish in Chatsworth, the parishioners of St James and Holy Trinity as well, all united at St Patrick in Carlsbad as a universal church witnessing how our prayers are answered when new shepherds are sent to take care of the flock.

Eleuterio was born in a normal family with the usual challenges and joys, and as it is always in every family, God was there; Eleuterio made sure to thank his parents and siblings, who were present at the ceremony for their part in helping him finding his call so that he could now dedicate his life as a Priest.

Fr John Howard was happy to announce after the ordination that the newly ordained Father Eleuterio would stay in San Diego as the head of the Eudist house of Formation, he would for the moment work on Eudist vocations to fill the house with men who want to dedicate the rest of their lives to serve Christ and his Church.

Now a month after, while we pray the novena guiding us to the feast of St. John Eudes, we give thanks for the life of our founder who was a good priest, missionary, preacher and ardent lover of the hearts of Jesus and Mary, may Eleuterio who is following the footsteps of Christ in the spirituality of St. John Eudes grow in the necessary gifts to serve the people of God “Corde Magno et Animo Volenti”.

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