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Improve Your Quality of Life By Healing from Isolation

by Jane Sandwood

Improve Your Quality of Life By Healing from Isolation

Abiding by love is the greatest joy in life, yet for the elderly, it can be challenging to find love in all things as day-to-day living becomes more demanding. In order to actively promote an overall healthy, happy lifestyle at every age, we must always remember to be grateful for what we have and to pray for the healing we seek. Issues the elderly may encounter, such as troubling medical diagnoses or difficulty moving around, can be tough to handle on one’s own even when God is always at our side.

But the reality is, many elderly people around the globe are, indeed, living alone and must face all of the challenges that come with old age without any assistance or support. If you or a loved one is approaching old age, it is important to know the facts and figures about elderly isolation and focus on improving the quality of life by inspiring a sense of community.

Facts on Elderly Isolation

Research on elderly isolation has shown that loneliness leads to a range of health risks, both mental and physical. Spending the day by one’s self is ultimately not helpful for our spirits, which need to connect with other people to feel God’s love. Symptoms such as cognitive decline, an increased risk of dementia, high mortality rates, depression, and high blood pressure are all consequences of social isolation. In the UK, studies show that isolation’s effect on mortality is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Isolation is therefore a complex issue and can be extremely damaging to one’s health and one’s optimism about the future. Though we can hope for eternal life in heaven, we shouldn’t rush things, and we should always seek to find happiness and peace on Earth. In the U.S., socially isolated individuals are 30% more likely to die in the next seven years. Without a family member to suggest healthy life advice or a companion to offer loving support, life can seem hopeless, and unhealthy behaviors like overeating or oversleeping can become more appealing.

Ways to Restore Social Wellness and Find Solace in Others

Due to the fact that nearly 28% of people over 65 live alone in the U.S. and 50% of people over 75 in the UK live alone, it is critical to avoid social isolation by joining groups or activities that promote community and togetherness. Knowing the facts should inspire those feeling lonely to seek out bonds with new friends. At local community centers, there are numerous opportunities for seniors to bond with other people, such as bingo nights, card-playing groups, choirs, knitting clubs, and film clubs. Many elderly religious communities also have prayer groups, Bible study, daily mass, and
opportunities for residents to be lectors or Eucharistic ministers.

A Helping Hand

Another guaranteed way to feel better about yourself by servicing the Lord is to volunteer. By providing for others, seniors can share their life experiences and bountiful skills with the community. Volunteering can also repair feelings of sadness or loneliness, as each opportunity will give evidence to God’s love for us on Earth and bond us with other people.

Being aware of the risks of social isolation in old age means that it is up to us to ensure that the seniors in our lives are getting out in the community, which will help them see the blessings of God and find peace through interacting with others.


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