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Second Sunday of Advent: DIGNITY for Women in Bolivia and Chile

Today marks the Second Sunday of Advent and we continue to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ
through reflection and prayer.

As part of our Advent series, this week we focus in on the word DIGNITY. We define DIGNITY as a proper sense of pride and self respect, more specifically something or someone who is worthy of esteem.

In Bolivia and Chile a series of income-generating projects have provided women with a chance to hone their skills and earn a decent income, giving them DIGNITY, something they so much desire and deserve.

For many women in these areas poverty is a way of life. They lack training and skills, and if they do have jobs they are often taken advantage of, or worse, sexually exploited as prostitutes or victims of human trafficking.

For years the Good Shepherd Sisters Levantate Mujer Foundation has been working to change all of this. They have launched several initiatives - migrant houses to keep women safe and income generating operations in handcrafting and bakery/pastry to help women achieve socio-economic independence.

And just this year the Sisters launched a business incubator project aimed at empowering women through skills training, leadership and support for enterprise all in an effort to create self employment. The project is expected to also promote: Justice and Human Rights, HIV and AIDS prevention, Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability.

These projects have given thousands of underprivileged women a fair chance at a future and just as equally important, DIGNITY, a sense of pride in who they are and what they can accomplish.

To learn more about our projects in Chile and Bolivia click here. Plus you can also purchase the handicrafts made by the women in Boliva and Chile online at HandCrafting Justice.

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