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Associates and Friends: Prayer for 19 December 2015

On the threshold of the Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis, let us pray with open hearts.

As we are preparing our hearts for Christmas, let us find so very close to us, even within ourselves, this immense Mercy of our loving God. Our spiritual father Saint John Eudes could perceive everywhere the kind and loving Mercy of the Heart of Jesus.

During this last week of Advent, we contemplate Mary awaiting the birth of her child. In her prayer of the Magnificat, Mary praises the great Mercy of God. In his own words, John Eudes expresses the emotions felt by the Virgin Mary as he says:

«May your glory shine forth in your mercy and in the marvels of your love; be eternally blessed, praised and glorified for your greatness. May the merciful Father never forget your sacrifice, may he grant all your wishes. »

As Christmas is only a few days away, let us meditate on God’s mercies towards us, as we slowly pray this Magnificat composed by John Eudes himself.

«My soul glorifies the admirable Heart of Jesus and Mary and my spirit bounds with joy in this immense Heart that is within me. Infinite thanks for their boundless gift.

He has done wonders for me, this loving Heart. He has taken me since my mother’s womb. The abyss of my misery called forth the abyss of his mercy. This tender loving Heart has always surrounded me with its blessings. He has shaded me in his hand. He cared for me like the pupil of his eye. He chose me to be his priest. He placed me among the princes of his people. In my mouth he placed his word; he made it into a sharp sword.

He made me die, He made me live, He accompanied me on all my paths. He fought against my enemies and of my trials he delivered me. Oh Heart full of love, source of all right from you I have received gifts in abundance. All glory be to you, to you all love and honor. May all tongues sing your praises and may all hearts cherish you.

May your glory shine forth in your mercies, in the marvels of your great love. Be eternally blessed and praised and glorified for your greatness. May the merciful Father never forget your sacrifice, may He grant you all your wishes.

Oh Heart of Jesus, on the cross you were broken apart for us through love and suffering may our hearts be consumed in your fire forever. Oh Heart of Mary pierced by the sword of sorrows, may our hearts accept to be pierced by the love that comes from God.
Oh Heart of Jesus and Mary, burning furnace of love, may our hearts in you be forever enflamed. May they expire in your flames and may they be, for all eternity, one heart with the Heart of Jesus and Mary.
Glory be to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. Amen. » (The Life and the Kingdome of Jesus, p.338).

In these last days before Christmas, let us think of Mary carrying within her the infant Lord. Let us meditate on the Heart of Jesus that is the Heart of Mary, and reflect on this meditation of St. John Eudes. 

«We must regard and adore her Son within her, see and adore but Him only. Because this is how she wishes to be honoured, because on her own she is nothing without Him. Her Son Jesus is all within her. He is her being, her life, her holiness, her glory and power and her greatness. We must therefore thank Him for the glory He has rendered unto Himself through her, offer ourselves up to her and pray that He may offer us unto her and that all our lives and actions may be consecrated to honour her life and actions. That He make us participant in the love and actions, that He make us participate in the love that she gave her Son and all his virtues and that He may use us to honour her or rather His own virtues within her in a way that is pleasing to Him.»
We will soon be exchanging wishes with parents and friends, wishing them peace, happiness, justice and love. We hope that these wishes may translate the directions that were laid out for us at the International Congress for Associates and Friends in Bogota. That we may pray for each other, with one another, so that our communion in our love and charity be sincere; that our means of communicating with one another be frequent and productive; that our involvement in our communities, and within our Church, reflect our desire to be active disciples in the mission we are entrusted with. As the Lord Jesus is born onto us on this day of Christmas, may we also give birth to the same love which sets ablaze the Heart of Jesus and Mary.

These are the very heartfelt wishes we send to you all, to your friends and families, from your brothers and sisters from the Gatineau community in the Outaouais region, Québec, Canada.

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