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The culmination and perfection of Christian life is holy martyrdom. The grace of martyrdom is the most powerful miracle that God can possibly work in Christian souls, and to suffer martyrdom for His sake is the greatest and most magnificent thing a Christian can achieve for God. (SJE The kingdom of Jesus 89).

The eudist family of Venezuela wants to share with all of you our missionary discipleship in the midst of the most terrible reality of penury and suffering that we suffer as a fractured economic, social, psychic and institutionalized by the military dictatorship that currently oppresses us to the most basic human rights. We bring with you our faith and hope to our beloved God, we are confident that all of you pray with us in one heart not only you’re your prayers but also with your loyal company

Animation song:

¡Oh Jesús! aniquilo a tus pies
Todos mis deseos e intenciones
adoro, amo y alabo de todo corazón
tu santa voluntad
A pesar de mis sentimientos contrarios
quiero amarte, bendecirte, glorificarte
en todo lo que has querido
disponer sobre mí
en tiempo y eternidad (Bis)
Música: Jorge Carrero

Sung by the eudist seminarians of Venezuela: Jorge Carrero (guitarra-voz) Jhonder Hernández (voz)

Biblical Text: Romans 8, 35-39

Who will come between us and the love of Christ? Will trouble, or pain, or cruel acts, or the need of food or of clothing, or danger, or the sword? As it is said in the holy Writings, Because of you we are put to death every day; we are like sheep ready for destruction. But we are able to overcome all these things and more through his love. For I am certain that not death, or life, or angels, or rulers, or things present, or things to come, or powers, or things on high, or things under the earth, or anything which is made, will be able to come between us and the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Gospel: Matthew 11, 25-27

At that time Jesus made answer and said, I give praise to you, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have kept these things secret from the wise and the men of learning, and have made them clear to little children. Yes, Father, for so it was pleasing in your eyes. All things have been given to me by my Father; and no one has knowledge of the Son, but the Father; and no one has knowledge of the Father, but the Son, and he to whom the Son will make it clear.


Saint John Eudes texts


(…) 3. Never let yourself be carried away by sorrow and discouragement. Instead rejoice in three special considerations:

(1) That Jesus is always Jesus, always God, always great and worthy of love, always in the same unchanging state of glory, joy and contentment, and there is nothing capable of lessening His joy and bliss. Say to Him: "0 Jesus, it is enough for me, merely to know that Thou art ever Jesus! 0 Jesus, be Jesus forever, and I will always be happy, no matter what happens to me!"

(2) Be glad that Jesus is your God, that He is all yours and that you belong to so good and so lovable Lord, remembering what the prophet David says: "Happy is that people whose God is the Lord" (Ps. 143, 15).

(3) Be glad in the knowledge that now you can serve Our Lord with more purity of intention and show Him that you love Him in truth, for love of Himself alone and not for the consolations He has given already. As an effective demonstration of the fidelity and purity of your love for Him, take care to perform your every activity with all possible purity and perfection. The more coldness, tepidity and weakness you feel in yourself, the more should you have recourse to Him Who is your strength and your all, giving yourself to Him yet more earnestly and lifting up your mind to Him more frequently. Continue to make constant acts of love for Him, paying no attention to the fact that you may be making them with less than your usual consolation and fervor. After all, what difference does it make whether you are satisfied or not, provided your Jesus is satisfied? As a matter of fact, it often happens that the acts we make while in a state of dryness and spiritual desolation are more pleasing and agreeable to Him, provided we strive to make them with a pure intention of honoring Him, than the things we do with much fervor and sensible devotion. For the latter are generally accompanied by self-love, while the former are more purified. Finally, do not become discouraged over the failings and weaknesses of which you may be guilty in this state; humble yourself before Our Lord, begging Him to repair your faults in His great mercy, and have great confidence that He will do so in His goodness. Above all, keep constantly alive i n yourself an intent purpose and powerful resolution to serve and love Him perfectly and to be faithful to Him, no matter what happens, until your life's last breath, ever trusting in Him to give you that grace i n His great kindness, regardless of all your infidelities. (The kingdom of Jesus 88)

All Christians must be martyrs and live in the spirit of martyrdom

(…) So true is this, that if they are not martyrs of Jesus Christ, they will be martyrs of Satan. Choose whichever of the two you love more. If you live under the tyranny of sin, you will be a martyr to your self-love and your passions, and consequently a martyr of the devil. But if you desire to be a martyr of Jesus Christ, you must strive to live in the spirit of martyrdom.

What is the spirit of martyrdom? It is a spirit that has five excellent attributes:

1. It is the spirit of strength and constancy which fears only God and sin, and cannot be shaken or overthrown, either by promises or threats, by persuasion or violence.

2. It is the spirit of deepest humility, which feels only horror for the vain glory and publicity of the world, and loves contempt and humiliations.

3. It is the spirit of self-mistrust and of most firm confidence in Jesus Christ our Lord, our Strength, in whom all things can be done.

4. It is the spirit of perfect detachment from the world and everything that is in the world. Those who are to sacrifice their lives to God must also sacrifice to Him all else besides.
5. It is the spirit of most burning love for our Lord Jesus Christ, who leads those animated by this spirit to do all and suffer all for love of Him, who did and suffered all for them. It so inflames them that, for love of Him, they consider mortification and suffering to be a paradise of joys, to be sought and desired while they avoid and detest the pleasures of this world as much as they would hell itself.

Text: LA VIDA DE JESÚS EN NOSOTROS (The Jesus life in us) Fr. Carlos Triana, Eudista

“… When you begin your actions, remember that you are going to continue the Jesus Christ actions, and that you must also continue to act, as He would, namely, with the dispositions which he has worked and continues to work through his Mystical Body Now, among these dispositions there are five in particular, with which you should act:

Humility and Charity: The first disposition for do something is that you should present yourself before God with deep humility, recognizing that you are most unworthy to appear in His august presence to contemplate Him. Do everything with ardent charity toward one's neighbor. This means doing everything with joy, kindness and simplicity.

Confidence: The second disposition is a loving and respectful confidence in God. Not by our merits and faculties but by virtue of the power of God.

Purity of Intention: The third disposition to do something is purity of intention, assuring Our Lord that you renounce all curiosity of mind, all self-love, and that you wish to act not for your own satisfaction and consolation, but purely for His glory and to please Him alone, and for the salvation of the world.

Perseverance: The fourth disposition to accompany prayer should be perseverance. If you desire to glorify God in prayer, and to obtain from His goodness the favors you ask, you must faithfully persevere in this divine exercise.

Give your life to the Divine Spirit: Finally, to make all the other holy dispositions complete, at the beginning of your actions, fervently give your mind and heart to Jesus and to His divine spirit, praying Him to inspire in your heart such thoughts and affections as He may desire. Abandon yourself entirely to His holy guidance, that He may guide you as He pleases in this divine activity.

< In the light of these texts, make a spontaneous prayer.>


Concluding prayer with Saint John Eudes

Jesus's Heart,
Fire that burn without consuming
Fervent love that doesn’t stop
Enlighten me completely to love you
with all my being.
Almighty God, we ask You
That infuse in our hearts
The Spirit and the Heart of Jesus,
Your beloved son
To have with him only one heart
And we can offer you our own life. Amen



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