lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

“…and you revealed them to simple people.”

Sem. Errol Salcedo

I am still wondering why Jesus said, “I praise you Father because you have hidden these things to the wise and the learned, and you revealed them to the simple people.” Why to the simple persons only and not to the wise and the learned? What is in them that God revealed to them His secrets? And, what is in the wise and the learned that God hid to them the Divine inheritance?

When I and Bro. Martin had our one month exposure to the Good Shepherd Community, Baguio, I was amazed on how the sisters lived, administered the training center, the huge number of students, and the errands given to them. However their simple lifestyle and intimacy with God made them competent and zealous in mission. We were also given the chance to work with the student-workers in which I, personally discovered their dedication, humility and hard work in good purpose to finish their studies and help their families. And, amidst of trials and difficulties they remain meek and humble in front God and other people.

Certainly the point of Jesus in the Gospel is this, “simple people remains simple in front of God.” They remain simple but this simplicity is not a hindrance for them to discover the beauty of life and to recognize the prodigality of God’s love. They remain humble and grateful because God’s mystery is beyond their capacity to understand. However, it is real and always the source of life and consolation of the people. Being simple is not actually the “gate-pass” to difficulties and temptations. However, being simple keeps us dependent to God. Simple people continue to trust and listen to God because they believed that God is the sole source of happiness and peace. Jesus assures us when we are burdened and weary, “Come to me and I will give you rest”. It is an assurance that only our Lord Jesus Christ a real happiness and peace.

Saints and mystics like St. John Eudes, lived and believed on God’s love and mercy. Amidst of trials and difficulties, happiness and accomplishments, they remained simple and dependent on God. They remained humble because they are aware that God is more than anything of this world. Therefore, when we ask why is the divine inheritance revealed to the simple people. It is because they learn to recognize God as the sole source of life, happiness and peace. They remain humble because they realized that everything comes from God and not from this world.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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