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The AACE of the group « Essonne Sud » (France)

AACE are happy to propose to you in this time of Lent to join Jesus, Mary and Joseph in our prayer of March.

For St. Jean Eudes , this month is very special : he founded the C.J.M. But it is also St. Joseph ‘s feast day ( Jesus’s foster father and the blessed Virgin Mary ‘s husband) and above all the feast of the Annunciation, the announcement of the Incarnation of Jesus in Mary.

A Psalm: Your choice.

From the Bible: Lc 1, 30-32a, 38b
Mt 1, 24-25.

Pope Benoit XVI,during the prayer of the Angelus on March 19th 2006 recalled about St.Joseph :

« In all of this he showed himself, like his spouse Mary, an authentic heir of Abraham's faith: faith in God who guides the events of history according to his mysterious salvific plan. His greatness, like Mary's, stands out even more because his mission was carried out in the humility and hiddenness of the house of Nazareth. Moreover, God himself, in the person of his Incarnate Son, chose this way and style of life - humility and hiddenness - in his earthly existence. »

Jean Eudes, sensitive to Jesus’s humility as well as his mother’s and St.Joseph’s join their three hearts :

From St. Jean Eudes. ( 0.C. T VII p.369 ).
Text : from « Among all the saints who are in heaven……….. » to « there are three hearts which are only one heart…. »



  • Good St. Joseph , Jesus’s adoptive father , take pity on the adoptive parents and the adopted children so that each of them recognized themselves in this request motivated by the love of family.
  • St. Joseph, just man, blessed Mary ‘s faithful and careful husband, Keeper of the Holy Family, look after all the families as you did on Mary and Jesus.
  • Jesus, you who have only one heart with Mary and Joseph give to the members of the families to form only one heart for the good of all.
  • Blessed St. Joseph: you had to leave your country with Jesus and Mary, your wife to protect Jesus from Herod who wanted to kill him : we entrust you all the families who must leave their country because of their faith in Jesus.
  • Our Lord Jesus , we thank you for all these parents who, like Joseph, love and educate their children.
  • Lord Jesus , during this Lent , following St. Joseph’s example, let each member of the Eudist family live according to his responsibilities and his engagements, inspired by the Holy Spirit to be useful to the advent of the Kingdom.

Last prayer:

AVE MARIA p 7 in the prayer book of the C.J.M.
And AVE JOSEPH p9 in the same book

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