lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

Solemnity of Annunciation of the Lord

by: Rev. Fr. Micheal Dupo, CJM
Lk: 1:26-38

The Good News of Our Salvation! Today we are celebrating the feast of Annunciation. This is the day when a young woman in her innocence said her “yes” to GOD when the archangel Gabriel sent the message to her. As a young it is normal to fulfill your own dream but without any hesitation Mary submitted her own will to the Will of God- “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord be it done unto me according to your word.”

Thanks to the Holy and Virgin Mother Mary for her submission and obedience to the Word of God. She is a real witness for all us in doing God’s Will. Her complete acceptance of God’s plan that she will conceive and bear a son and give Him the Name Jesus even if she does not know man is one true example we must follow as we pursue our walk with the Lord. When we submit our lives to God’s will, we allow God to sanctify us and we become more like Jesus. Submission to God develops within us a humble heart and can only bring us many blessings. 

Obedience and commitment are two key principles for spiritual success. When we submit our lives to God we are actually telling Him that we are ready to obey His commands and we are committed to His cause. To submit to God may be a difficult task to pursue but it can be done with His grace. It is oneness with our Lord Jesus Christ, a sign of holy allegiance, great internal strength, power, and peace.

But this submission of our own will to the will of God entails a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices on our part. It invites to us die to ourselves every day. When we submit our lives to God, we freely give ourselves in total surrender. We forget and set aside all our concerns that we may be able to give even more. Even in difficult times, we must continue to give ourselves with equal and constant generosity. When we give more and more of ourselves, we stand to lose our very own identity. But as we give up more of ourselves, God gives more of Himself to us. He fills us with a resilient strength far beyond our comprehension.
When we submit our wills to Jesus, we become more like Him and we begin to imitate Him. We start to speak His Words and walk along the paths of His will. Our will and His will become one and we are perfectly united. We become ONE with Him and the Father. He blesses us and brings us to beyond measure.

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