martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

The Meaning of Ascension Today

How long we have been experiencing darkness in our life? Nowadays explosive devices are intentionally thrown in public places leaving innocent blood flooded in the ground. Most of us are left terrorized and devastated, filled with uncertainty. It seems everything is doomed and what we heard are cries of the victims whose blood are flooded elsewhere. Are all this chaos around us will have its end?

This is exactly what the apostles’ felt when they saw the Lord’s sufferings and cruel death on Good Friday. It was traumatic that left them horrified in the hidden corners. They were scattered, filled with fear, felt abandoned, and their faith were shaken. Their lives were pointless and didn’t know where and when could they find again sense and meaning of their existence. At that time Jesus’ apostles felt the intense need of somebody, of something that would comfort them from insurmountable pain of their loss.

Thus Ascension is a blazing miracle experience for the apostles. The pains and tears of cruelty faded away upon experiencing the presence of the Risen Lord in their midst. The man whom they had seen was killed like a defenseless lamb is now talking to them and eventually taken up to heaven. Jesus had seen how his apostles were backed to life upon reuniting with him for he knew that they had been “scattered like sheep without a shepherd”. Thus he promised them before he ascended into heaven of sending the Holy Spirit to guide and keep them alive because his abiding presence is their ultimate source of life. Undoubtedly tremendous sound of gladness echoes in the inner beings of the apostles as they were enveloped by the unwavering love of the

Risen Lord on the day of his Ascension. He left with a promise, assuring them of his constant guidance wherever they go. Like the apostles we been into countless darkness, fear, hopelessness, feeling abandoned. Many times we find our life meaningless and no direction. Indeed, we are in need of the blazing miracle experience of the Ascension. We need always the life-giving presence of the Risen Lord to revive our drooping souls. The Holy Spirit of which Jesus promised to send to us would transform all our darkness in life into light. The dawning light of the Holy Ghost would conquer the apparent death imbedded in darkness that continues to threaten our relationship with God.

The Lord has Risen and now Ascended to the right hand of the Father. It is now the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit promised to be with us to give us life and make us instruments to perpetuate life not death. Theblood of the innocents resulting to merciless killings will definitely finds justice in the presence of the Trinitarian God. We are not meant to live in fear and uncertainty. We are destined to live in the Trinitarian love that will reign and abides us until the end of time. Amen.

Bro. Noel Corcino

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