miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

"Habemus pastorem" We have a new Pastor!

This week my corner deals not with the written Word of God, but with other Good News. We have been assigned a new pastor, Fr. Lawrence Goodwin, CJM. Fr. Lawrence has been preparing for parish administration and parish ministry for four years through University studies. His coming to us is a gift from our Good Lord to our parish.

First, a gift from our Lord. Pastors do not compete against other candidates to become parish leaders. There is no parish campaigning for a leadership responsibility. Mother Church, through a series of steps in a discernment process makes the decision on who will be a servant pastor in a Parish. Through the voice of the church competent leaders in communion with our Archbishop, the will of God is pronounced. There is no doubt in my mind that Fr. Lawrence Goodwin has been chosen by God our Father to be our next leader. When we read Jeremiah 3, 15, we discover the gift of a pastor to his people. Pastoring is more than a profession, it is a calling, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has called Fr. Lawrence to this sacred task. It is true, many are called, but few are chosen. We are thankful to God in Jesus for choosing and using Fr. Lawrence. “Everything is grace” says St. Paul and St. Therese of the Child Jesus. And we know what John Eudes would think.

Secondly, he is a gift to our parish. Parishioners will have no effort to understand him for his English is perfect, and to love him because he is very friendly. His preparation for this responsibility, his life
story and his desire to serve “Christ and his Church” will make him respected and loved by all. He comes to us after two years of being an assistant to a very imperfect pastor! He had the leisure to observe, analyze, and love and getting prepared for this task. Farther Lawrence made his way to the whole parish through his homilies, his concern for the well-being of Saint John Eudes parish, and the school. He has a lot of new ideas on how to build a better parish “with a Burning Heart”. He will be assisted by a wonderful staff and finance and pastoral council members. Parishioners want to love their pastor. I know you are all ready to help him restore, improve and make Saint John Eudes parish a good place in the Saint Fernando pastoral region.

I ask him to forgive me for the administrative and pastoral unfinished things I am transferring to him but I know, being a young priest, he has the necessary spiritual and human energy to make Saint John Eudes great again. He will benefit from your joyful support.

In Jesus and Mary,
Father Gerard, CJM, exiting pastor.

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