viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016

The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas)

John 1: 1-18
by: Br. George Diones

Christmas is the celebration of God becoming man. Christ becoming man and who is born of a woman we call this Incarnation. In incarnation it celebrates the union of the divine and the human in Jesus (Sr. Coyle). Even before Jesus came the ‘divine indwelling’ was already present and as he came to realize that He and the divine Indwelling spirit are one (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and Jesus opened up a whole new understanding of human destiny. Because the Word has become a reality in our world, all of the reality is touched by Christ’s presence, all of us are sacred.

If all of us is sacred therefore no one has the right to destroy our life, no one has the right to take the life of others even the criminals and drug addicts. But what is the reality in our country today? Everyday there are number of peoples killed. Killing is everywhere in our country. Another thing, capital punishment is now on the way of reviving it. I think as children of God and believe that every single life is important we need to show it to them. We need to help to defend life and we should develop the culture of life not of death.

Incarnation is God’s coming into the world as compassion. The innermost being of God, God’s inner mystery, the magnificence and sacred identity of God – is revealed as compassion. Jesus reveals his identity when he gives sight to the blind, gives the ability for lame to walk, preaches to the poor, heals the leper and accepts the prostitutes. These are all human hearts thirsting for God. God is now redemptive active in human persons who embody the goodness and love of God. We too, should have a compassionate heart to these people who are drug addicts and who are criminals. We should not be a righteous person as if we did not commit any mistake.

Like the lord, we bring the glory of God, the presence of God to others when we offer forgiveness, feed the hungry or care for another, when we appreciate the humanity of another person and deal with him/her with attention, devotion and reverence – when we allow our hearts to be touched by those we meet along the way, we bring the creative love and glory of God in their lives and we reveal the glory of God again and again.

What is the message to us by Incarnation? I will mention here two points. First, it is a call to prophecy and participation. We are called here not as a prophet who is foretelling the future events but we are asked here to raise a prophetic voice for those who have not been allowed to be at the center of the community especially this time that we are experiencing in our country. We are called to be the voice of these innocent people who are victims of extra judicial killings, injustices, sexism and other form of violence. We should not be blinded by the truth.
Second point, the message of Incarnation is a call for us to a contemplative living. I am not saying here that we should live a contemplative life but we are called to “Contemplation.” We need to contemplate on the situation in our society now. Because contemplation is the direct experience of our participation in the divine life, it opens us the imagination to a new possibilities. It has to do with hearing, feeling and doing.

So this time, with all the happenings in our country let us ask ourselves “am I just be silent and do nothing about it or am I willing to become the voice of the voiceless and defend the defenseless.

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