viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2016

PRAYER for the 66th General Assembly

Lord Jesus, we recognize you as the Founder, Father, and Superior of our Congregation. We adore your plans for us, full of love and mercy, and we thank you for all the gifts you give us on a daily basis. You have given us life and entrusted to us a mission within the Church at the service of the Gospel.

We ask your pardon for our moments of infidelity, of not responding with generosity and devotion to the vocation which you have given us.

We pray that you overshadow us with all the strength and power of your Spirit so that, in the upcoming General Assembly, we may have hearts docile to the action of this Spirit. May the Spirit form in us the image of your face, so that you may live and reign in each one of us and in all our communities.

Mary, Mother of Jesus and our mother, we venerate you as well as the Foundress, Mother, and Superior of our Community. We join with St. John Eudes in his prayer that you intercede for us all before your Son. Beg him to destroy in this Congregation all that displeases him and to establish in it the reign of his holy love and adorable will. Beg that he protect it, sustain it, and defend it from all adversity. Beg that he sends many workers for the Gospel through it, who will devote themselves to the formation of many holy priests and generous pastors, as well as faithful believers who may be missionary disciples in the midst of the world.

May we be united with Jesus and Mary in one heart and one love. May St. John Eudes accompany us with his intercession. Amen

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