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2015 Formators’ Session in Asia


The Asia-Pacific Formation Core Team is organizing another Formators’ Session to be held in Maryride, Tagaytay City, Philippines from 26th August to 30th September 2015. This is in line with the Core Team’s task of continuing the co-learning and networking to further develop the holistic model.

The goal of the Formators’ Session is to enable the new formation teams to draw up the Unit formation plans in the light of the 2014 Congregation Formation Guidelines. Fifty eight (58) participants are expected to attend the whole program, including six (6) sisters from Kenya and the Isles. The Unit Leaders (APC and Kenya) will be present from 24th to 29th September 2015. The participation of sisters from another region is a step forward in the co-learning of the holistic model as it offers opportunity for a dialogue of culture and heightens the consciousness of our internationality.

In keeping with the call of the congregation, we widen our circle as we include seventeen (17) lay mission partners and twelve (12) sisters involved in the formation of partners in the Units for a four day session on ‘Formation and Partnership’. This will provide opportunities for co-learning and dialogue on the area of formation as well as explore how we can share resources beyond borders to bring about mutual enrichment and greater collaboration.

The training which uses the experiential and co-learning model will include topics on the Person of the Formator, Evolution and Spirituality, Accompaniment, and Discernment. Resource persons invited who have been involved in the previous modules are Clare Nolan and Linda Lizada (Cenacle sister).

Elaine Basinger together with Salomi Cruz and Josita Corera will co-facilitate the session. Susan Chia and Elaine Basinger had been journeying the core group as mentors in the process of planning for this program. Susan, who will be unable to come due to health reasons will be greatly missed.

Preparations are now in full swing in Tagaytay with a great support from Regina Kuizon, Philippine Province Leader and mission partners. The Asia-Pacific Formation core team which is the preparatory committee is composed of Emma Marzan (Philippines), Melania Jung (North East Asia), Florence Soe (East Asia), Imelda Fuentes (CGS), Fransiska Sri Wahyuni (Indonesia), Preethi Joseph (South West India), Mariam Kulangara (Central East India/ Nepal), Josita Corera (Sri Lanka/ Pakistan) and Salomi Cruz (Singapore/Malaysia who is the present coordinator).

Tess Figueroa (now missioned in Kenya) is also part of the preparatory committee. We request for your prayerful support as we open ourselves to the movement of the Divine Energy from within in this time of gathering and wisdom sharing.

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