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Eudist Prayer – April 19th, 2017

The AACE of Africa mainly from the Ivory Coast invite you to re-read with and by risen Christ the meaning and the travel of our Christian life in favour of this Easter time

Let us give Him thanks for always bearing in him, in his heart, a furnace of love and mercy. Let us commit ourselves to imitating it by building it within ourselves to positively and victoriously transform this decadent world undermined by the plagues of egoism, indifference, violence and terrorism. To combat these plagues, the cross remains one of the instruments of war that the resurrection gives us.

The love of the cross

One of the greatest favours that Our Lord can give us in this world is to give us some share in His cross. For it is to make us drink from his cup, to give us what he loved most in this world, his cross being the first object of his love, after his eternal father since it is by his cross that He has destroyed the sin which is the source of all evil, and he has made all the goods that are in the earth and in heaven. Indeed, it is giving us what he took for himself, what He gave to the person of the world whom he loves most, that is to say to his very worthy mother, and this Which he gave to his apostles and his greatest friends. All who have been pleasing to God, says the Holy Spirit, have passed through many tribulations. Because you were pleasing to God, said the angel Raphael to all, it was necessary that you should be tested in affliction.

Jesus Appears to his disciples Jn 20, 19-23

It was late that Sunday evening, and the disciples were gathered together behind locked doors, because they were afraid of the Jewish authorities. Then Jesus came and stood among them. ‘‘Peace be with you ’’, he said. After saying this, he showed them his hand and his side. The disciples were filled with joy at seeing the Lord. Jesus said to them again, ‘‘Peace be wish you. As the Father sent me, so I send you.’’ Then he breathed on them and said, ‘‘receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive people’s sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.’’

Elevation: kingdom of Jesus (t.1) (1637) p. 510

O Jesus, I adore you in the mystery of your holy death, your burial, and your resurrection. I thank you for the glory which you have bestowed upon your father in these mysteries, and for the thoughts and designs you have had in regard to me. For you have always thought of me in all your mysteries and in all the moments of your life, and you have always had some particular design on me in every mystery. The design which you have had over me in these has been to impress in me by holy baptism an image of your death, burial, and resurrection, by causing me to die to myself and to the world, Hiding and burying in you and with you in your father's womb, and raising me up and making you live as you do a whole new heavenly and divine life, of which you are forever blessed.

But, alas! I have destroyed in me by my sins those effects so indicated of your goodness, of which I ask your pardon in all the humility and contrition that was and ever was.

I give myself to you, O good Jesus, and I give myself to the spirit and power of the mystery of your death, of your burial, and of your resurrection, that you may cause me to die again at all things; That you conceal me in you, and with you in your father, that you bury in my spirit, my heart in your heart, my soul in your soul, my life in your life, and establish in me the new life in which You have entered by your resurrection, that I may live only in you, for you and for you. Amen

Happy Easter in Jesus and Mary

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