viernes, 6 de enero de 2017

Solemnity of Mary Mother of God

by: Br. Eric Lacsa

Jesus, the greatest ‘Treasure’ of Mary

What is our greatest treasure? Are our treasures merely silver or gold, but not all treasure consist of material possesions. Today’s gospel on the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God portrays Mary as one keeping the greatest Treasure of her life, Jesus.

The Book of Numbers in the first reading refers this ‘Treasure’ as ‘blessings.’ As a ‘blessing,’ it has all the power to bestow ‘peace.’ Peace that we are longing for in our times, which in Hebrew includes the ‘idea of prosperity and happiness.’ We all pray for God’s blessings in our life. At times, we keep on searching for it until we get tired and could never find it. Do we know that the greatest blessing that we are looking for is now with us? He is the Emmanuel, “God is with us!”

Mary’s ‘Treasure’ is a prize of greatest value. St. Paul in the second reading refers this greatest Treasure as “the spirit of His Son that God sent into our hearts,” one who made us as an adopted children of God. One who freed us from slavery and made us an “heir, through God.” Do we still dwell with our past hurts or hatred which hinder us from moving on? Do we allow Jesus to be born in our hearts to get away from the bondage of hatred or slavery of whatever addictions that we may have?

Our founder St. John Eudes refers this ‘Treasure’ of Mary, as one “imprinted in her soul and her interior life as well as the exterior, a perfect image of the holy life and eminent virtues of her Son. Thus, she kept all these things in her Heart in the most excellent manner possible, namely: by perfect imitation.” Let us live in perfect imitation of Jesus because He is the greatest wealth, the Treasure of our life.

There is this beautiful prayer taught to us by our founder St. John Eudes which depicts how Mary Treasure Jesus in her heart; Mary’s embodiment of her Love for her Treasure: “O Jesus, living in Mary, Come and live in your servants in the holiness of your Spirit, in the fullness of your Strength, in the perfection of your ways, in the truth of your virtues, in communion with your mysteries. Come and master the enemy in your Holy Spirit for the glory of the Father. Amen. 

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