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Tempting God Sunday of Lent
March 9, 2014
Mt 4:1-11

In today’s gospel, Jesus won over three temptations by the devil: the temptation of power, temptation of self-glory, and temptation of possessions. The classic interpretation is how we can be like Jesus in overcoming temptations. But let us take another vantage point. Let us reflect on our usual reactions to difficulties in life which may lead us to become like the devil in the story.

It is common for students to say, “If I pass the exam, I promise to attend mass.” For the unemployed to pray, “Lord, I will serve you if you give me this job.” For someone who faces trouble to ask, “Lord, if you get me out of this trouble, I will become good.” We have many “ifs” before deciding to serve God. We give God conditions before we do the right thing. Notice that when we bargain with God like this, we are the ones tempting Him. We lure him into our own plans and designs. We limit his role in our life according to our own whims. We entice him to abandon his plan for us. In doing so, we are guilty of manipulating him to become less than the God that he truly is. We turn him into our own creation.

Thank goodness, God never succumbs to our seductions! Rather, he patiently leads us to see and embrace the truth of our existence and draws us to a deeper trust in him.

As we continue our journey this season of lent, we are encouraged to allow the Spirit to lead us in the desert of our life, to find meaning in our troubles, hardships and discomfort.

- Based on the reflection of Sem. CJ Vales

Father, help us to win against all the temptations we encounter that we may follow you faithfully into the path of total self-giving. Amen.

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